iDNA workshop at NHD in Curacao

iDNA workshop at NHD in Curacao

iDNA workshop at NHD in Curacao 2560 1695 iDNA

iDNA workshop on the early detection of lung cancer, coronary heart disease and COPD

Lung cancer early detection is increasingly gaining interest. Experts around the world are discussing with governments on the next steps for implementation of lung cancer screening after the convincing results of the NELSON.

In light of these developments, on January 16 th, iDNA was proud to organise their first lung cancer screening and “Big-3” CT imaging workshop. With the Big-3 we refer to lung cancer, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and COPD, all measured in a single CT examination.

Key speakers in the field of lung cancer screening

The workshop took place on the Netherlands Heart Days organized in Curacao. We welcomed participants from many disciplines: thoracic surgeons, lung physicians, cardiologists, radiologists and epidemiologists. Topics discussed ranged from the current status on CT imaging technologies, imaging biomarkers for early detection of the Big-3 diseases, nodule detection and characterization, participant recruitment & risk profiling, the impact of stage shift on lung cancer treatment and Big-3 findings in the general population.

Presentations on these subjects were given by lung cancer screening and imaging authorities, including: prof. de Koning, prof. Oudkerk, prof. Rzyman, prof. Baldwin, Prof. Pastorino, prof. Field, prof. Yankelevitz, dr. Walter, dr. Vonder and dr. Heuvelmans.

Driving innovation for the early detection of lung cancer

iDNA was grateful for the opportunity to bring so many great scientists together to discuss new ideas and come up with innovative solutions for reducing the terrible burden of lung cancer.

We are convinced these meetings are highly important. Investigation and discussing all relevant challenges and prerequisites for the implementation of lung cancer screening is essential for bringing the NELSON life-saving methodology within reach for those who benefit.

Please find the programme here.

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